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  Frequently Asked Questions

In this page you can find the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is a Personal Chef?
A professional Chef that custom prepares meals to your tastes and nutritional requirements, all in your own home.

Who needs a Personal Chef?
Busy professionals, families on the go, convalescents, elderly, new parents, students, persons with specific nutritional needs or diets, and anyone who would rather leave the cooking to someone else.

How does the service work?
An assessment is made of your family's favourite foods and nutritional needs.
You select entrees from our extensive menu, as well as the days you would like the Chef to attend at your home. These are to be submitted a minimum of 3 days prior to the Chef attending your home. Menus are subject to change from time to time.
The Chef does the grocery shopping, attends at your home to make your selected entrees, leaves the entrees packed in individual or family style containers, and leaves the kitchen clean

Why should I have a Personal Chef?
Healthier than eating out or pre-packaged meals;
Less expensive than eating out;
More time for family and the pursuits you love;
Meals custom made just for you.

Why not just eat out?
Nutritional value of restaurant food is questionable. There is no assurance about the sanitary condition of the kitchen or whether the person that prepared your food was trained in proper food handling techniques and hygiene. Sonia's Spicy Secrets' Chefs prepare your food in your own home, and they are all certified in safe food handling and hygiene, and ensure that only fresh ingredients are used.

How much does a Personal Chef cost?
Costs vary depending on the number of people in a family, the number of entrees and the frequency of the service. Call us at 905-482-chef (2433) or email us at info @ spicysecrets.com for a free, no obligation quotation.
For example, a Chef preparing 4 portions each of 5 chosen entrees, is only $ 435.

Are there special rates for regular clients?
Yes, every 20th Chef Date entitles the client to a complimentary Gift Certificate for an intimate dinner for 2 (valued at $250).

Are there any hidden costs or charges?
Absolutely none. Our charges include the cost of all groceries, containers, clean-up and traveling. Only the taxes are extra.

How can I pay for the Chef Service?
Payment is due upon booking. We accept credit and debit cards. No cheques without prior credit approval. No cash please.

How far do you travel?
We serve customers throughout Ontario.

Are you insured?
Sonia's Spicy Secrets carries 2 million dollars liability insurance.

Do you have references?
References are available upon request.


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